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Hi, I'm Megan

I'm a queer disabled doctor and dog mum. I live with EDS, POTS, MCAS, and many related conditions, which means I understand what it's like to experience complex chronic illness. I also know what it's like to face years of misdiagnosis and medical trauma. I already believe you.


I'm a Specialist GP, having completed my medical degrees at the University of New South Wales before relocating to the Illawarra to complete my hospital and general practice training. I practice through a holistic and trauma-informed lens, and am passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion. I strive to provide neurodiversity, disability, and LGBTQ+ affirming care. You can be yourself with me.


I have significant experience in mental health, sexual health, and LGBTIQ+ medicine. I proudly co-founded the Illawarra Shoalhaven Gender Alliance to improve the health and wellbeing of local trans and gender diverse people. 


​After obtaining my specialty in general practice, having experienced 18 years of misdiagnosed chronic illness, I experienced a significant health crisis that required me to leave clinical work. Through my own research I discovered EDS & Co, and embarked on the difficult journey of finding clinicians that could help diagnose and manage these conditions. I spent years learning everything I could, and am now incredibly passionate about providing care to others with similar experiences.


I have partnered with some wonderful clinicians to form Connected Health Alliance, an EDS Network of Excellence, and have benefited immensely from their expertise. We aim to provide focussed clinical care while also undertaking clinical research and providing education to health professionals, so that one day all clinicians will be able to recognise EDS/HSD and medical gaslighting will be a thing of the past.


If you are hypermobile and experience complex chronic illness, I would be honoured to work with you to connect the dots and help you live your best authentic life.

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My Approach 


Due to my limited capacity and the overwhelming demand for hypermobility services, I will be focussing on providing care for those with hypermobility and related conditions, e.g. EDS/HSD, POTS, MCAS & Co. This means I will no longer be accepting referrals for patients seeking alternative services. 


In order to provide a sustainable service and avoid burnout while managing chronic illness and disability, I have to be diligent with pacing, limiting my consult hours, and prioritising regular scheduled leave. This will ensure I am able to maintain my health and continue to show up for myself and my patients long term. 


As part of Connected Health Alliance, an EDS Network of Excellence, I have also committed to providing education to health professionals and engaging in clinical research, to enable increased patient access to care with knowledgeable clinicians and quality evidence for management of the hypermobile population. If we have any hope of meeting the needs of the hypermobility community, we need more educated clinicians working in this space. I also participate in extensive professional development to ensure I remain up to date with research and best practice for our community. 


These limitations and demands mean I will be providing a specialised service and will not be able to offer routine general practice care. It is recommended you remain engaged with your regular GP for all routine and urgent care needs, and I will provide correspondence to them with your consent. It is our hope that this approach will also facilitate increased hypermobility awareness and upskilling of local GPs. 


While I am disappointed I will not be able to provide comprehensive general practice care (an aspect of medicine I find so rewarding), I am excited and passionate about delivering quality hypermobility care for our community, whilst also improving knowledge of other clinicians and contributing to research in the field. This will result in a larger overall impact on the lives of hypermobile humans now and in the future. I am very grateful to have this opportunity and thank you for your support in enabling me the privilege to contribute as a lived experience clinician.

  • Fellowship, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

  • Doctor of Medicine, University of New South Wales

  • Bachelor of Medical Studies, University of New South Wales

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