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GP Consults

GP Specialists are well placed to manage the complex care needs of people with EDS and related conditions. 

As someone with lived experience and clinical interest in these complex presentations, Megan specialises in helping patients manage the symptoms and challenges associated with EDS/HSD and common comorbidities.

Megan will work closely with patients to develop personalised treatment plans that focus on improving quality of life and overall wellbeing, in context of their goals, values, and life circumstances. 

What should I expect?

Megan will work with you to:

  • Perform a thorough history and examination

  • Organise necessary investigations

  • Diagnose hEDS & HSD if indicated by the 2017 hEDS diagnostic criteria 

  • Refer for genetic testing if signs of other types of EDS or connective tissue disorders are present

  • Diagnose POTS, MCAS, and related conditions using evidence based clinical guidelines

  • Develop holistic management plans that incorporate your physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health

  • Discuss non-pharmacological management, aids and technologies that may assist you

  • Prescribe medication for EDS, POTS, MCAS and related conditions, including LDN and medicinal cannabis if appropriate

  • Refer to the EDS Clinical Network for multidisciplinary care involving physiotherapy, dietetics, and others as needed

  • Refer to relevant non-GP Specialists if:

    • usual management approaches are not effective,

    • there are red flags requiring further specialist assessment,

    • you require access to restricted investigations or medications,

    • you require procedures such as endoscopy or interventional pain management,

    • we require additional input or advice on any aspect of care.

  • Complete DSP & NDIS paperwork if required once we have stabilised your care. 

How should I prepare?

Please complete the EDS & Co Intake Assessment Form at least one week prior to your first appointment. 
The questionnaire will take approximately one hour - you may submit it partially completed and return to edit at any time. Completing the questionnaire thoroughly will allow us to cover as much as possible in the initial consult and start early management as appropriate.
Please also send any relevant health summaries, results, and clinician reports via email ( Relevant results may include pathology tests, ECGs, imaging, and other related investigations.

If you think you have POTS or dysautonomia (but have not been diagnosed), please complete the NASA lean test prior to your appointment. If you need assistance with the NASA lean test you can book an appointment with the nurses at Ochre Medical Centre Wollongong.
Note: due to pacing this should be done a different day than your appointment with Megan. If you are travelling you may wish to ask your local GP practice if they can assist. 

If you have not had a recent ECG, please notify reception when booking an appointment - this can be done with the NASA lean test or on the day prior to your appointment with Megan. 

It can be difficult to remember everything during a medical appointment, you might like to write down any questions you have prior to your appointment. Please also think about your goals for the consultation, this will help prioritise tasks during the appointment. 

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